Identification and Control of Major Infectious Outbreak Are We Prepared?

Over the last decades, EU countries have fought infectious diseases with success through treatment and prevention. Rates of infectious diseases have either fallen or remained stable, and the majority of deaths in EU countries are now due to non-infectious diseases such as cancer and heart disease. However, micro-organisms adapt themselves and we have to expect new and emerging infections, as with HIV/AIDS in the 1980s, variants of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the 1990s, SARS in 2003 and pandemic influenza. Other challenges – like micro-organisms' resistance to antibiotics – also have to be tackled.

In response to the threat of communicable diseases, EU policy has focused on:

  • surveillance
  • rapid detection
  • rapid response

(European Commission)

This plenary session examines the emerging risks to the European Public Health System and the state of preparedness in across the continent.


Chair's Welcome

Inesa Rozenman Executive Director of Polygeia


Infectious Disease - Major Threats to Europe

Dr. Aura Timen - President, Infectious Diseases, European Public Health Association, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands


Influenza – The Danger to The European Public Health System

Professor John Sydney Oxford - Professor of Queen Mary, University of London. He is a leading expert on influenza, including bird flu and the 1918 Spanish Influenza, and HIV/AIDS.


Are We Prepared?

Herman Goossens - Platform for European Preparedness against (Re-) Emerging Epidemics, University of Antwerp Vaccine and Infectious Disease Institute


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  1. Achieving real reduction in antibiotic use
  2. Rapid Diagnosis
  3. Implementing an emergency vaccination programme
  4. Public communication and co-operation


Cohesion and Co-Operation in European Planning

Dr Andrea Ammon, MD, MPH - Acting Director, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


Questions & Answers

Speakers to be joined on stage by Workshop/Symposium Presenters