The next healtheurope congress is to be held at RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
28th-29th June 2017

Alere Knowing Now Matters

Across the European Continent, major challenges are faced by public health systems. Financial constraints, emerging diseases, obesity, malnutrition, increasing numbers of the population being cared for at home, sexual health, maintenance of standards, aggregation and access to data, health literacy, self- management and potential pandemics are just some of the issues faced upon a daily basis within the system.

Dealing with the challenges can never be a completed task, as one problem is controlled another arises or a new threat emerges. Co-operation between states and the sharing of information is essential, there are lessons to be learned from each experience and approach.

Those who design policy, direct public health systems, have responsibility for particular areas upon a national and regional level must learn from each other and draw upon both failure and success in formulating their approach. A particular issue is not isolated and developments in any healthcare system have to be viewed in an holistic fashion, as does the health of an individual.

healtheurope congress brings together those people from across the continent who are responsible for ensuring robust public health policy and implementation. Practical examples of public health policy and progressive actions will be shared and analysed to assist with the development of public health practice in Europe.